“Open Society Foundations” - Out of Armenia: the Head of the Office to Feel Our Presence in Her Back: “VETO” Holds a Protest Action

On the initiative of the leader of ”VETO” movement Narek Malyan a protest action is being held in front of the “Open Society Foundations” office. Malyan earlier stated this in a live broadcast on Facebook, saying that the head of the “Open Society Foundations” office, as he would say “the Prime Minister of the Republic of Armenia” Larisa Minasyan, had complained about the resignation of the former Minister of Justice Artak Zeynalyan. Narek Malyan also mentioned that Artak Zeynalyan was actively cooperating with the “Open Society Foundations” office financed by George Soros.

Narek Malyan said in a live broadcast that Artak Zeynalyan, realizing that the conditions George Soros had set before him, were anti-state and state-disruptive, and refused to comply them. According to him, it angered Larisa Minasyan, and she forced Zeynalyan  to resign.

"By this line of thinking, Soros' office demands from the Prime Minister to appoint Rustam Badasyan to the position of the Minister of Justice in Armenia. We will refer to certain biographical episodes of the latter, particularly his avoidance of military due to some illness. I will not open the brackets at the moment: I will speak after the appointment. We still have a lot of material on this topic to be publicized.” noted Narek Malyan.

There are American and Jewish billionaires’ hirelings in Armenia criticizing our state, our law enforcement system, trying to destroy the foundations of our statehood with false and vile criticism. This was stated by the head of “VETO” movement Narek Malyan in the talk with reporters.

"We will carry out our blockade action. We will not allow anyone in and out. We will try to stop those grants and selling the state for dollars for two hours,” he said.
In response to the question, how long they will stay there, Malyan said they would always be there, they would always mess up with them, and the head of “Open Society Foundations” Larisa Minasyan would feel their presence in their back as their office is near to this office.

He noted that the “Open Society Foundations” office should clear off from Armenia. "The Soros hirelings say we demand something from their office. We demand from our state to pay attention to this issue, to take steps to halt the activities of this office, "he said.

"Ms. Larisa, if you are so righteous ,why do   you keep away from  the debate with me?" said the leader of “VETO” movement Narek Malyan in front of the” Open Society Foundations” office, addressing the president of the foundation Larisa Minasyan.

“If you are engaged in such good and kind activities in Armenia, why are you scared to go live on Public TV with me for a debate? Why don’t you come and destroy me with the facts at your disposal. Why do you hide behind the police lines? Isn’t there a charity fund that hides behind the police lines? There is no such a precedent in the world; if your activity is benevolent, why do you hide?” said Malyan.

It should be added that the members of the movement have brought counterfeit dollars to their protest action and are offering to the ones who receive money from Soros. “Maybe you will be satiated with this. Sorry it's counterfeit, we can’t afford real dollars at the moment,” said Malyan.

Members of the “Adekvad” NGO Konstantin Ter-Nakalyan and Arthur Danielyan also joined “VETO” movement protesting in front of the “Open Society Foundations” office.

Konstantin Ter-Nakalyan told the reporters that they came to support their friend Narek Malyan, because of the occupation regime established in Armenia by the foreign agent network.
“And one of the components of that pyramid is the Soros Foundation. So, we came to express our support to Narek Malyan and “VETO” initiative in the fight against the foreign agent network,” he said.

Arthur Danielyan added that the single step they had planned for the moment was visiting here. "The fight against foreign network is not only on our agenda but it’s also  a primary aim Last year’s  coup d'état in Armenia and the regularly overthrown constitutional order were mostly sponsored by a foreign agent network, and the “treasure”of this network is that of Soros' office in Armenia," Danielyan said. "We will participate in all the actions that “VETO” initiates."

"I will make interesting revelations about each person in the government who has not served in the Armed Forces of the Republic of Armenia, for some reason has avoided serving in the army." The head of “VETO” movement Narek Malyan told the reporters.

"Since I have served in the military police, I will present facts as to the expediency," he said.

Malyan informed that “VETO” has sent a 3-point agenda to all the parties in Armenia. He noted that they had received a response from three parties, which would be posted today on “VETO” Facebook page. Those parties are the Bright Armenia Party (LHK), the Republican Party of Armenia (HHK) and “My Step”.

“I do not want to evaluate their answers. I would like people to read and know which party is sponsored by Soros, under the patronage of which political force in Armenia Soros acts,” he announced.