Narek Malyan: We Aim to Reveal Political Forces Being Agent Network Pillars in Armenia

The members and supporters of “VETO” initiative are holding a protest action in front of the “Open Society Foundations Armenia” office at the moment.

The founder of the initiative, Narek Malyan, urged law enforcement officers to arrest and punish anyone trying to damage property, to harm and to harass in full compliance with the law.

"This is someone having nothing to do with us," said Malyan.

He noted that the protest actions, clashes that had been going on for two weeks had yielded results, and that already today the police were not protecting the door of the foundation.

"I asked a question that no one was able to answer; why does our state keep Soros' office impregnable? Now we are going to hold our protest action, we have decided to block the office entrance, preventing anyone from getting a grant and going out,” he said.
Narek Malyan added that other movements and organizations have joined their initiative.

"The three points on our agenda are the following - the adoption of the law on agent network, the prohibition on holding public office for foreign agents, and the closure of Soros’ office. We have the official position of the “Bright Armenia” faction, we have the answer of “My step” alliance, we also have the position of the Republican party of Armenia and are expecting the response of the Prosperous Armenia party,” he said.

According to Malyan, those responses and positions will be publicized without any comment as they want to show which political forces are the pillars of the agent network in Armenia.

"Our work is God-pleasing," said Malyan.

The protestors mentioned that the protest action is exhortative, their aim is to inform about the dangers of the Foundation activities, to achieve the prohibition of the Foundation activities in Armenia by the legislation.