About us

 “VETO” social-political movement was founded by Narek Malyan, a writer and a publicist, in May 2019 with the aim of fighting against Soros agent network operating in the state.

 Soros’ “Open Society Foundations” has recruited and funded people with anti-national and anti-state mentality; thus, forming a foreign agent network. This syndicate has spared no money and efforts to make heroes out of murderers and felons, to disgrace state pillars consistently: legal and educational systems, armed forces, the army included, the Armenian Apostolic Church. The aim is to ruin the foundations of our statehood, to destroy the anchors of the value system.

 Many different individuals, such as political technologists, social psychologists, economists, media experts and others, were engaged in the fight against Soros’ network, each of them acting separately and through their methods. Each of these specialists, having assessed all the dangers of Soros’ agent network, came to understand that there is a need to counteract that disruptive operation in a coordinated way.

Thus, “VETO” social-political movement was formed, in the scope of which protest actions are held against state-disruptive operations financed by Soros’ fund.

  • The agenda for “VETO” social-political movement

    The agenda for “VETO” social-political movement is the following:

    1. The blocking of George Soros foundation and all organizations and foundations linked with him in the territory of the Republic of Armenia.
    2. Lustration of the citizens of the Republic of Armenia ever been funded by George Soros, directly or indirectly, and as a result, imposition of ban to hold a state office.
    3. Passing the law “About the Agents of Foreign Influence.”
  • Soros’ agent network in Armenia

    So, within the past 22 years, Soros’ agent network in Armenia has managed to:

    • Take over the most of the media field,
    • Privatize the civil society,
    • Create mistrust and disunite the society,
    • Discredit the state authorities, in particular the law enforcement systems,
    • Compromise the traditional national institutions – family and the Church.

    And as a result, seize the power in Armenia.