Protest Action in Yerevan. Activists Demand the Soros Foundation Closure

“VETO” movement activists are going to "fight against Soros through Soros’ methods".

Today “VETO” movement held a protest action in front of the “Open Society Foundations” office.

“We have started the agenda of political discussions in the fight against foreign agent network in Armenia. Yesterday Larisa Minasyan, the head of the “Open Society Foundations”, filed a police report against me, and I was called to the police station. But I could not go to the police station, as now I am holding a spontaneous protest action here,” said the activist, the leader of “VETO” movement Narek Malyan.

The protesters demanded to stop the operations of the “Open Society Foundations in Armenia”.

According to Malyan, the Government, in the face of Nikol Pashinyan, is "under Soros", carrying out his commands.

The demonstrators tried to enter the office, but the policemen did not allow them. Malyan announced that they were ending the protest action, but "they will fight against Soros through Soros’ methods."

It should be noted that Larisa Minasyan filed a police report against Narek Malyan, saying that the latter was going to block the entrance to the foundation  office.

Malyan, on the other hand, on his Facebook page posted the police notice summoning him to the central police station on the basis of the need for prepared materials.