“VETO” Opens George Soros’ Statue in Front of “Open Society Foundations” Office

Today, on September 20, the opening of George Soros’ statue was held by the initiative of “VETO” movement in front of the “Open Society Foundations” Armenian branch.

The leader of "VETO" movement Narek Malyan said that the main part of the statue is made of gypsum, it is portable and can be moved to different parts of the city. "We decided to erect a statue because Lenin is dead but Soros is alive and diligently holds state-disruptive activities in our country. He has set up a big and large agent network in our country, recruited the vilest and worst people willing to do anything for the sake of money. That agent network today has its own military block, which I call Daredevils of Soros."

Malyan approached the door of the foundation and tried to get in touch with the people inside. “Folks, we are opening the statue of your master. We would like to invite you to the opening of George Soros’ statue,” said Narek Malyan and pressed the door bell.

Narek Malyan said that the idea of erecting the statue is that there must be a George Soros statue in Armenia, because it is quite an active part of the power in the country. “It is unfair that there was no George Soros statue in Armenia up to this point.

It will be a portable statue, that is, we will hold the opening here and then we will place the statue in many different and symbolic places for a day so that everyone can see it. We aim to publicize the faces of all those people coming to this office secretly then taking their money and fleeing."