Soros Pulls the Strings in National Assembly

Today near the office of the “Open Society Foundations” members of “VETO” initiative erected George Soros’ statue, who is the sponsor of the fund.

During the talk with reporters   member of “VETO” Initiative Narek Malyan said that the bag in his hand should not be confused with Santa Claus's bag.

“Here is the money by which he gets the hirelings. These are the dollars for which the vilest and most insidious people sell our state, "he said.

Narek Malyan also noted that Soros’ office is lobbying for the appointment of RA Justice Minister Rustam Badasyan as the NSS director.

“As you know, Badasyan is the beloved one of the head of Soros's office, Ms. Larisa, and it’s her that appointed Badasyan as Minister. Dear NSS employees, in case of such orders, if they try to force a man from Soros' office, I urge you to take appropriate action very soon, ”he said.

It should be noted that the members of  "VETO" initiative have been on duty for 12 days in front of the ”Open Society Foundations” office.

"We will be near this office as long as God gives us health," he said.