Political Forces Join the Initiative: Malyan

Today “VETO” social-political movement again held a protest action in front of the Constitutional Court to continue the process of restoring the overthrown constitutional order.
Member of initiative group of the movement Narek Malyan stated that their movement is no longer alone; political forces are joining the initiative.
"Within the next few days we will organize an expert discussion where all political forces that will be involved in the restoration of the overthrown constitutional order will present their perspectives, toolkit and timetable. This process is gradually becoming more organized and structured,” he noted.
Jurist Ruben Melikyan stated: "We clearly see that the legal community, rejects the approach of 2+2 equates 4, and each time more resolutely. All this is a manifestation of the preparations for the usurpation of power, particularly the usurpation of CC power.”

It should be noted that the protesters were chanting "Shame on the prime minister", "Shame on the prime minister".

The president of “Civil Consciousness” NGO Narek Samsonyan addressed the media in his speech, noting that the most important thing in journalism is objective coverage, "regardless of what they see - a person lying on the ground or hundreds passing."

Afterwards Narek Malyan stated that he had been summoned by the Investigation Committee with a writ: “MP Gayane Abrahamyan appealed to the law enforcement bodies as if I had threatened to kill her.

But if "My Step" alliance MP considers my opinion about their alliance to be a political corpse as a threat to kill, then I confess doing it, and I will go and take all the investigative actions. If there is some thought to imprison me in the inflamed minds of the authorities, I would love to go and serve imprisonment peacefully."