Tomorrow “VETO” is in front of Constitutional Court

"Tomorrow at 4 o’clock we are coming to the Constitutional Court, if one of the hooligans bred by the government is present in the area, we will start a series of permanent actions: we come here and never leave," member of “VETO” social-political movement Narek Malyan announced returning to the CC building again from the National Assembly.

He noted they would assist police officers in ensuring the smooth operation of the Constitutional Court.

“I call on the judges of the Constitutional Court - this is your fight. If one of you steps back from that fight, you will hand the keys of our state to the foreign agent network. Stand in your places. They have no public support. Normal people are by your side," Malyan announced.

It should be reminded that today the initiative group of "VETO" social-political movement held an urgent rally in front of the Constitutional Court.

“VETO” social-political movement announces the commencement of a series of actions aimed at restoring the overthrown constitutional order. For this aim “VETO” is launching a series of consultations with all political, public, and concerned individuals to develop and implement a roadmap, toolkit and timetable to restore overthrown constitutional order in Armenia.

We would like to restate that the Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan is personally responsible for the hate speech campaign in Armenia, all its legal and political illogical solutions, and consequently for further aggravation, strain, and all possible clashes,” it was stated in the group announcement.