Scuffle between “VETO” Members and the Police: the Protest Action Ended

At the moment the participants of “VETO” (stands for Ultimatum to those who hand the state to foreigners) movement are holding another protest action in front of the Soros office. Today they have fully blocked the office building from 3p.m.

According to the statement by the members of the movement, "On May 31, a conglomeration of an abnormal number of police forces attempted to thwart the peaceful, civil action by “VETO” movement in front of Soros' office ."

The organizer of the Yellow Vest rallies, an Armenian Chris Berterian , Adekvad Party, RAP and “Civil Consciousness”  NGO also expressed support for “VETO” movement. Today, on June 3, Narek Malyan, a public figure,the initiator of "VETO" movement posted on Facebook.

The forces sponsored by Soros are starting to play some role in Armenia's domestic politics. This view was stated by politologist Menua Harutyunyan in the conversation with the journalists today during another protest action by the participants of “VETO” (stands for Ultimatum to those who hand the state to foreigners) movement.

According to him, this should be acceptable for any citizen with national mindset.

“Should we take it for granted that organizations and individuals financed by foreign network hold public office and become MPs in Armenia? I don't think this is normal and I am going to fight against it,” he said.

According to Harutyunyan, whatever is forbidden in western countries - Soros and western grants - is spread in Armenia.

The head office of our government is Soros’ office. Today, during a stands for Ultimatum to the those who hand the state to foreigners) movement, the leader of the movement Narek Malyan expressed this opinion, adding that this office ,in fact, is the building of the Armenian government.

“Our government receives all the instructions from the Soros office, and the transgenders making speeches in the National Assembly come from that very office, too. It’s from here that transgender prostitutes meet the Minister of Education and Science.” said Malyan stressing that our future generations’ education is endangered.

He emphasized that the authorities of the Republic of Armenia permit peaceful protest actions anywhere except Soros' office, which, according to Malyan, is an obvious fact by itself. Malyan stressed that the campaign against the Armenian Apostolic Church was also directed by the Soros's office.

"This is our Crusade, this is our Vardanank against Soros, where there is no fight for power, there is only the issue of beating foreign agents and forcing them out of our country, throwing hirelings out of our country," said Narek Malyan.

It should be noted that there were scuffles between the police and protesters several times.

The members of “VETO” movement are still in front of the “Open Society Foundations” office. The leader of the movement Narek Malyan assured that if they did not manage to get in today, the actions would continue, and Malyan considers these days’ actions training exercise.
"We practice Armenian traditional kokh (wrestling) with the police. We got closer to each other in the scope of these hugs. I think my creative mind will be enough to hold other, much more interesting and spectacular protest actions,” he said.

In Malyan’s evaluation, there are no people among them not knowing the reason they came to the protest action. According to him, those who join “VETO” movement are aware of the terrible activities of the foreign agent network and try to fight against it.

Member of “VETO” movement Narek Malyan knows that many people are interested why he just started to voice problems connected with Soros, even though the same “Open Society Foundation” has been operating in Armenia for quite a long time.

In a conversation with the reporters, he explained the reason was that the sorosists were formerly devoid of any governmental levers. "It turned out that today Soros' agent network has a very significant share in our government, and today it is pushing its agenda in the government," he said.

Malyan noted that the “Open Society Foundations” is protected by a large number of police forces, in contrast, previously Veharan Pontifical Residence remained unprotected, the courts and the National Assembly remained unprotected, and so on. "The Soros Foundation is kept as a sacred shrine as I have information that Larisa Minasyan called Nikol Pashinyan, shouted at him and said, “Hey, you, quickly place the police troops here.'

And Nikol Pashinyan, not having political backbone, was unable to refuse Larisa Minasyan and placed police troops. Trusting my source, the Prime Minister is in Larisa Minasyan's right pocket,” Malyan emphasized.

It should be noted that the protest action ended.