“VETO” social-political movement’s announcement on the Sorosists

“VETO” movement announces that slanders fed by Soros money, people sowing  hatred and hostility for years, hilarious complains, reports and all the other dirty games are ludicrous.

“VETO” has an agenda of its own actions, which cannot be changed even if George Soros himself reports to the police or tries to frustrate our protest actions through his mercenary agents. The aim of “VETO” is to do away with the agents ready to sell their country for pennies, and Soros network comfortably based in The National Assembly and The Government. On our way to solving this problem neither Larisa Minasyan’s reports, nor threats by the sorosists would stop us. We have the agenda and we will actualize it the way it’s planned.

VETOsocial-political movement