Armenian Government Gets Instructed by Soros’ Office: “VETO” Holds Protest Action

Today “VETO” social-political movement is again holding a protest action in front of the “Open Society Foundations Armenia” office.

As it was during the previous protest action, today again a large number of policemen blocked the way to the office so that the protesters could not get closer to the building.

The organizer of the protest action, Narek Malyan, seeing a large number of police officers, raised the question, why it was not permitted to block Soros’ office, when the buildings of National Assembly and the courts had been blocked at the Government’s command for many times.

"The police did not provide any protection during the blockade of these buildings, while today the police are protecting Soros’ office at Nikol Pashinyan's command. I let the  public make conclusions, but we will not tolerate this situation,” said Narek Malyan.

In order to find out the answer to the question, Narek Malyan mentioned that he had officially applied to the police, and if he did not receive any answer, he would have to use the right to hold a peaceful protest action on his own.

He also added that he did not know why the authorities believed that no protest action was allowed in front of the Soros office.
Narek Malyan also addressed the police exercising control on the spot to find out why they had closed the office entrance, while were not protecting the courts when their entrances were being blocked. The policemen said they always maintained public order, and directed to contact the information department of the police for further questions.

"For instance, if I want to go to that office and get a grant from Larisa, how shall I get there?" asked Malyan.

According to him, today the Armenian government receives all the instructions from that office, and the transgenders making speeches in the National Assembly come from that very office too.

"It’s from here that transgenders go to meet the Minister of Education and Science and discuss serious cornerstone issues, which I will talk about on Facebook separately. I will reveal what Karabina and the Minister of Education and Science Araik Harutyunyan were talking about.” stressed Malyan.

His following attempt to get into the office was unsuccessful, as police once again pushed Narek Malyan back, which resulted in a scuffle.

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