“VETO” social-political movement’s announcement on today’s attack on “Haieli” club

“VETO” social-political movement expresses concern over today's attack on the press and the encroachment on freedom of speech.

We  contacted Angela Tovmasyan, a journalist, the author of “Haieli” (Mirror) club and the host of the same program, and unfortunately we state that our worst predictions have come true today.

This attack is special not only because it was carried out against freedom of speech, but also, according to the attackers, both against Angela Tovmasyan's person and  the fact of her being "Tovmasyan" and the whole family, which is, of course, reprehensible. By the way, the last time persecutions on account of surnames took place, was the year of 1937.

This ambivalent and filthy period will end very soon and very quickly, but this is a special opportunity to recognize and know all those people ready for such vile steps and encroachments for a few pennies.

We express our support and strengthening to the well-known journalist Angela Tovmasyan for getting over this dark and turbulent period with honor, as well as to all the citizens of Armenia who bear the surname "Tovmasyan".

 VETOsocial-political movement