“VETO” Makes “Open Society Foundations” into Closed Society Foundations: Narek Malyan

In June, Soros' office, being panic-stricken by our protest actions, issued a plea for help, which 66 organizations operating in Armenia joined in. Narek Malyan, the leader   of “VETO” social- political movement, announced this today during a public awareness rally in front of the Matenadaran.
Malyan noted that the sorosists issued a letter with the same content asking for help in September; “As our Prime Minister would say, they issued a squawking letter, which only five organizations joined in. Of the 66 organizations, only five remained after three months. This, of course, is a breakthrough for only three months. People, who have got money for years to present transgender prostitutes as special examples of citizens of the Republic of Armenia, today are ashamed to appear in public places. This is due to the work of “VETO” team."

Malyan also noted that months ago “Open Society Foundations” blocked the information on grant recipients. “For the first time in 22 years, the names of grant recipients are kept secret. “VETO” made “Open Society Foundations” into Closed society foundations."

According to Malyan, this change occurred when “VETO” started to publicize their vilest programs consistently; “The public began to receive the information carefully hidden from it for years. This was a fruitless effort by Larisa Minasyan."