The announcement of “VETO” social-political movement on holding an urgent rally in front of the Constitutional Court today, June 24, 2019 at 4:00 pm

The overthrow of the constitutional order of the Republic of Armenia accompanied by illegal blockade of government buildings and the National Assembly, pressures on the members of parliament, illegal blockade of court entrances, public and obvious pressure on the judiciary, numerous violations of the Constitution and laws of the Republic of Armenia. All these have reached to the extent that is not permissible  growing into an open mockery of the Constitution and law of the Republic of Armenia and common sense.

The absurd has reached to the point that anyone can proclaim himself/herself  the position of his/her dreams not minding the Constitution and the law.

The ruling political force has nourished hooligan groups and proclaimed them "people", fake squads proclaiming them the "voice of the people"; thus it imposes its illegalities on the public by these means.

  Taking into account the aforementioned, “VETO” social-political movement announces the launch of a series of actions aimed at restoring the overthrown constitutional order. To this end, “VETO” launches a series of consultations with all political, public, and concerned individuals to develop and implement a roadmap, toolkit and timetable aimed at the restoration of the overthrown constitutional order in Armenia.

   We would like to restate that Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan in person is responsible for the hate speech exhortation in Armenia, all its legal consequences and political illogical solutions, and consequently for further aggravation, tension and all possible clashes.

“VETOsocial-political movement