Who is not disappointed with the authorities

Narek Malyan, the leader of “VETO” social-political movement, in his live broadcast on Facebook, speaks about Nikol Pashinyan's latest live broadcast and presents which are the beneficiary groups not disappointed with Nikol Pashinyan's government and why.


About transgender prostitutes

Recently it became known that Cuban transgender prostitutes robbed a citizen of the Republic of Armenia with the use of a stun gun.

Narek Malyan, the leader of “VETO” social-political movement, speaks about this and other interesting incidents with participation of transgender prostitutes.


Throw the mercenaries of oligarch Soros out of Artsakh

Narek Malyan, the leader of “VETO” social-political movement, speaks about the mercenaries of Soros who have left for Artsakh and want to destabilize the situation in there.

Malyan calls on the citizens of Artsakh to throw the mercenaries of Soros out of Artsakh without a twinge of conscience, as soon as possible.


About Tatevik Revazyan, ready to renounce her motherland

Narek Malyan, the leader of “VETO” social-political movement, speaks about the tough situation arisen around the Civil Aviation Committee, the revocation of the license of Armenian airlines to operate flights to Europe by the European Aviation Safety Agency, and about the chairman of the committee Tatevik Revazyan, who fled to Denmark under these circumstances.  


Everything can be substituted, even the lentil and the authorities

Narek Malyan, the leader of “VETO” social-political movement, tackles the statement by the Minister of Economy Tigran Khachatryan on finding substitutes for the foodstuff having an increase in price, and by this logic, suggests substitute options for the representatives of the present authorities. 


Self-isolated broadcast about different important topics

Narek Malyan, the leader of “VETO” social-political movement, speaks about the ignorant lawsuit filed against him by the Minister of Justice Rustam Badasyan, the incompetent governance implemented by the authorities and other important topics.